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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the underprivileged with appropriate fresh footwear to brave the unpredictable world, stand tall in comfort, and let them just be with one less worry. A clean, new pair of shoes symbolizes much more than just something to walk in. It shows them that other people care about them, and with community, we can overcome obstacles together.

Kiran Pathy is a senior in high school in Connecticut. By volunteering at his local food pantry, he was awakened to injustices in his local area, and wanted to help those in need in his local community any way possible. Out of an affinity for shoes and a desire to help his community, Kiran began Kicks for Change to provide clean shoes for those in his local community. 


He also runs a shoe design business, Klean Kicks, which in part inspired his development of Kicks for Change.


When I started a shoe design business, Klean Kicks, it was out of an affinity for stylish athletic shoes and design, with the intent one day making a difference in the world, somehow through the lens of sports. Along the way, I was more alttuned to things around me, with heightened observations. I witnessed free and reduced lunches being offered in our school system and it was only then that I understood that through circumstances not necessarily of one’s own choosing, many face difficult times often unknown to those around them. I wanted to do a small part for those less privileged at the moment to bring comfort both physically and mentally. By providing new, clean, comfortable footwear to those in need in our surrounding areas, I hope to bring awareness and the notion that is ok to sometimes lean on the love of others. - Kiran Pathy, Founder

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